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18 October 2005

Nightime Reading: Wilhelm Munthe, Matsusaka Yoshihisa... and Miyazawa Kenji

If you are interested in the history of libraries, I strongly encourage a reading of Wilhelm Munthe's "American Librarianship from a European Angle: An Attempt at An Evaluation of Policies and Activities" (Chicago: ALA, 1939). I was just re-reading it again, and was fascinated by Munthe's side comments on European and American librarianship. Only a few years after this was published Munthe had some interesting experiences as a librarian during the Nazi occupation. I am reading a few chapters before sleep.

Another book on my nightstand was Matsusaka's "The Making of Modern Manchuria, 1904-1932." Early Showa history is fascinating, although it is taking me longer to finish.

Perhaps I should get back to enjoying more literature again. I am in the mood now to read Miyazawa Kenji's poems again. I just now found a website on him

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