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03 November 2005

ECAI, PNC, & PRDLA Conference

This is the season for conferences. I just returned from the Library History Seminar XI at UIUC to return to a conference on digital libraries, e-atlases and related projects with an emphasis on the Pacific. I was grateful to Dr. Persuhek for a complimentary registration. I feel guilty that I’ve only been able to attend a few sessions because of my teaching schedule and a bit of jetlag.

Some of the panels were very interesting, but I haven’t learned so much since I worked on digitizing collections at UNL a few years ago. More interesting information comes out in the Q&A. Meeting colleagues has been a highlight. It is also good to see my management students as conference volunteers. It was also a treat to see one of our UH alumnae, Lisa Nguyen, who now is an archivist at the Hoover Institution.

I am writing this at one panel, which the speaker doesn’t know how to use a lapel microphone. We don’t hear her speaking, just the ruffling papers. The next paper expanded on Dean Unsworth’s work for digital resources and metadata standards.

Next week I give a paper at the HLA on the Big Island. I also am a discussant on a World War II History Conference here on campus. I am getting somewhat anxious about this, as I’ve only received one paper so far. I am familiar with all of their subjects (Japanese history textbooks, library destruction, and Nazi book burning), but would like to do a bit more contextualization.

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