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19 November 2005

Haleiwa Cafe View

It has been a busy week. After the funeral, Noriko and I went to Kohala (Big Island) for the Hawaii Library Association Conference. It was at a very nice resort (am very spoiled now after a late night jacuzzi nap).

I gave a paper at the conference based on my dissertation research. It was one of my first times to not just read a conference paper, so I felt so liberated. I used to be so shy. I never could have imagined talking without notes for almost an hour. The crowd was good, and had some nice, engaging questions.

The rest of the week involved teaching, grading, reading, etc. The only unusual events were a nice dinner with one of my favorite historians (Eileen Tamura) and serving on my first Ph.D. committee (Toru Yamada, Anthropology).

This morning I took Noriko to the airport for a morning flight to Tokyo. She was invited to give a paper at a university there. Since I was already on the other side of the island, I took off to Waikele and Haleiwa. I am now ensconced at Coffee Talk -- my favorite cafe. This weekend I have to finish writing up my narrative report for my 3rd year evaluation (en route to tenure). It is a lot of work. Perhaps I should get back to writing. If I finish today I can enjoy either shave ice or correcting papers.

By the way, if you are in Hawaii and have not visited Haleiwa, check it out my

Exploring Beyond Waikiki (Haleiwa and Kailua)

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