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31 January 2006

Information Ethics & The State of the Union

I just saw that Dr. Martha Smith (Drexel) posted a blog related to the ALISE Information Ethics SIG. Very interesting start.

Today Bush gave his State of the Union Address. What can one say? ("Clean safe Nook-leeyear energy"!?!). Amnesty International then had a good page about what was not mentioned (his administration's torture policies). Check out their Call for Action page.

I then checked out VA Gov Tim Kaine's Democratic Party Response. He made a few good points, but was so timid. And I don't think I can take one more of his "There is another way" lines.

No other news to report. I am happy that the last few days of rain have passed. Rain makes the bike trek between home and campus a real mess. That's it... back to work.

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