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25 January 2006

Two Bike Poems

My friend Yuka (whom I went to college with about 18 years ago) e-mailed me some haiku translations to edit. She volunteers as an editor for a Japanese poetry magazine. She ran a column on my views as a poet about a year ago.

I really like the minimalism and natural sense of haiku, but don't like having to squeeze certain number of syllables. I am not a disciplined poet. In any case, I was in the mood to write the following two light works:

I enjoy the sound of the
falling rain
Until I have to bike home

I suddenly remember the sound
water sliding off my bike tires
the relative silence
the way home from work
over a decade ago

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  • The last poem is a clear memory of when I worked at a bookstore in a mall. I like bookstores, but this one was in a mall, and the muzak and bright lights sometimes got to me. That day I had to wait for the rain to clear before I could go home. After the noise of the mall, I loved biking home... I was almost meditating on the sound of the water running off my bike. I don't remember why, but there was no traffic. Then some guy drove by and honked at me a few times -- even though I was on the sidewalk. I was young and rather foolish, and gave them the finger. A few minutes later he turned back, and asked me, "Did you give me the bird?!" I had no idea what "the bird" was, but later understood. He wanted to fight me (some guy twice my size with beer breath). I considered myself a pacifist at the time (although "the bird" was not a good example of that), and explained that I didn't want to fight. He was pissed since he wanted to prove his manhood to the female passenger in the car. I just said no, and went back on my way. He then tried to drive me off the sidewalk. Strange memory.

    By Blogger Dr. Drew, at Wednesday, January 25, 2006 12:43:00 AM  

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