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07 February 2006

Student Action-Research & Chotto Oishkanai

Today was a good day. I've been frustrated by the recent news that several school librarians might be fired because of Act 51. I proposed a rough action research / advocacy project to my foundations class. We will create a resource page highlighting research on how school librarians impact student growth. I am excited that this project might help make a difference. Some of the students seem energized. Some others also took the alternative option, which is good.

Later, after class we had a good ALA Student Chapter meeting. We have a lot of great student leaders who do a nice job, so it is a pleasure to be this group's advisor. We have another good set of plans and service projects. I hope we can try out (and win!) Student Chapter of the Year Award this time. They really deserve it.

After the meeting two of the student leaders and I went out to try Tsukeneya (Robata Grill: Tsukeneya-Style) -- the new Japanese restaurant next to campus. Maybe I am just not a fan of Nagoya-style food (like sunny-side egg on yakisoba), but I was rather disappointed. Marta said that they brought in a master tofu-chef from Japan. I love age-dofu, and was so excited, but the closest dish we had was closer to a toasted kitsune-bag. Bleh! I also love yakkitori and such dishes, but was not impressed. The best dish was a shitake mushroom filled with chicken. I wonder if this place will survive. Lots of places have gone out of business in that location. I don't know if an upscale place like that will survive there. It seems more ideal for Waikiki. It would have been better to put in a simple inexpensive izakaya there, being just next to campus. Oh well. At least the atmosphere is dark and attractive, especially the nice lanterns outside at night. In any case it will not end up on my list of suggested eateries in Honolulu. Some people suggested Shokudo, but I still haven't tried it.

Oh well, back to correcting papers...

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