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25 March 2006

Haleiwa Wedding Tips?

Aloha dear readers:

My very own sister is debating coming out to Hawaii to get married. She is now thinking of a VERY small wedding someplace like Haleiwa. She wants to do something informal (and yes, inexpensive but elegant). I was wondering if any of you, dear readers, can suggest any of the following:

a) An affordable cute beachfront cottage for two (Haleiwa or someplace like it)

b) A justice of the peace in the greater Haleiwa area

c) An amateur/ reasonable photographer who could take video and still pictures (at least somewhat better than me).

d) Any other suggestions (like a good setting), eateries (besides my favorites--Cholo's, Haleiwa Joe, Giovanni's Shrimp Shack, Matsumoto's)... like someone mentioned a Brazillian place on the beach. The Thai there place was cute, but food was so-so. I'm scared of the sushi place up there. I imagine I would take them to places back in Honolulu mostly otherwise.

e) I was also thinking of investigating my favorite island, Lanai; but have no idea if one can do a simple affordable wedding there. I think the main thing she wants to avoid is to feel as if part of a wedding factory. I can't blame her, but imagine it is hard to come up with original and affordable wedding ideas out here. I'll have to call the Hotel Lanai or the Lodge on Sunday.

Any suggestions would be most welcome online or by e-mail. I may drive out to Haleiwa to check things out on Sunday. I can always work in my favorite cafe. Thanks!

PS No exciting diary report for today (nice Bat Mitzvah of a friend's daughter, Pali overlook for 5 minutes [see my Flickr site], laundry, and writing). Happy Spring Break.

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  • How exciting! Congratulations, Dr. Drew's sister!! :-)

    I'm not sure how inexpensive "inexpensive" is in this case since that's all relative to your sister's budget... But I had a small wedding (less than 30) and it was "inexpensive" in comparison to other weddings I've heard of.

    Setting: My wedding was at a small place called the Bayer Estate in Aina Haina next to the beach. It's not on the North Shore, but it's a very nice setting! Highly recommended. Check it out and maybe it will still be within your sis's budget.

    I paid for an officiant's services separately, but I don't know if it works differently (or if you have to pay at all) when you ask an officiant from your church/temple/etc.

    However, my officiant did charge for services only and would sometimes just do weddings on Kailua Beach. Her partner was a photographer and charged reasonable prices for this service too. Her name was Virginia St. Claire.

    Paradise Cove (on West Oahu, near Ko Olina) also seems nice, but I'm not certain of what their fees are like.

    Catering: For an extra fee, Bayer Estate provides petit fours and little tea sandwiches, etc.

    Brew Moon catered my wedding and provided 3 help staff to set up and serve. (They ha(d) some good food too.. Good thai chicken curry... However, I think they've gone downhill since then...) If you've been to a good restaurant in Hawaii, chances are they might cater off-site too. I would inquire with those restaurants. (Sorry I'm not an expert at cuisine in Hawaii since I don't go out much...) Bayer Estate recommended places like Padovani's, 3660 on the Rise (or whatever it's called), Cafe Laufer, and JJ's French Pastry as possible food sources, but they're probably pricey. I stuck to what I knew I liked.

    I also consulted Hawaii Bride and Groom magazine as a resource. It'll give your sister some ideas of what services are available here.

    Maybe somebody else reading this actually has connections with someone in the wedding business...???

    This is just a start... OK, I guess I'm TOO excited for your sister! Hope she finds a wonderful (yet affordable) place to get married!

    By Blogger Marie, at Saturday, March 25, 2006 9:51:00 PM  

  • Marie, Thanks for the great suggestions. I will pass them on to my 'sis!

    By Blogger Dr. Drew, at Sunday, March 26, 2006 2:23:00 AM  

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