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10 March 2006

Why I applied

I just received this e-mail from one of our California alumni, Dayni:

"I was surprised to learn that you were interviewing for another position on the mainland! I thought you were pretty happy in Hawaii."

I just thought I should share my response. YES, I am very happy here. My students and colleagues are treasures. And who would not love living in Manoa?! I feel somewhat disloyal to apply elsewhere. However, it is really hard to be so far from my family. Noriko and I have been together for more than 15 years. We are best friends and research partners in addition to husband/ wife. We also have a son and two cats. It is really hard to live so far away. Even when we call each other it is 4 or 5 hours difference. I know that many of you understand this problem.

This other university is located much closer to her. The position is also in an area that I love. I already know and respect the colleagues (and have a good feeling about the students). The school has a lot of potential for linkages on campus in disciplines that I study, and a great research library on campus. The town is a little small, but has nice bookstores, music, food, shops, etc.

The cost of living there is MUCH lower, so I could buy a condo or small home, which would be harder here in Honolulu on one income (especially since I am still helping with our Nebraska mortgage).

Nothing is definite, though. That school has not made me an offer (yet?). There also are efforts to recruit Noriko here to Hawaii. You should understand that this basically had stalled before I applied to this other position (for 3 years). I should know about things in the next few weeks, and will try to explain more later. You will have to understand that I can't blogcast or discuss negotiations until after something is decided. Thanks for understanding, friends.

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