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03 April 2006

Congratulations ALA-SCers!!

I wasn't in the mood to blog the last few days. I've trying to finish a book and other projects. I only took some time off only to catch a few HIFF films. I might review them later. There only are a few days left to enjoy.

I wasn't the happiest camper because of something that I can't write about here... I am very grateful to many people for the recent good news though. The countless days of rain also got to me after a while. Even though I have a car, I felt trapped without being able to bike wherever I want. So, it is nice to have the sun out again! I am so spoiled by our weather.

ALA Student Chapter of the Year, 2005-2006 (1)

Today though was a truly excellent day! The problem I was fretting about may be resolving itself, and I received excellent news about the ALA Student Chapter that I advise. We won recognition as ALA Student Chapter of the Year! I've seen how hard they work, and am so thrilled that they were selected. It is a fun group of future leaders. I hope they know how proud of them I am. In my 3 years here it has been a pleasure to see the group grow, become more professional, more engaged, but also different as a reflection of the interests of each member. We've had great leaders who have more or less allowed each member do more their own creative thing (within an established structure). Somehow it all works out just so well. I am tempted to start naming names, but hesitate since I can't name everyone.

Earlier this morning I was on my first MA Thesis defense committee. It was in French literature, but I was invited since part of it dealt with library history. Brett did an amazing job. His presentation and paper were inspiring, sharp, and exciting on many levels.

It was also interesting because Matt (who was in the same archives class as Brett) will do an MLISc thesis with me. SLIS hasn't had a thesis in about 30 years, but I am sure Matt's thesis will be a pleasure to read. He has such good questions and reads widely. That is highest praise in my book.

Today was also special in another way. It was Gail's 30th anniversary with UH. I've worked with her again while I was acting chair. I rarely use words like blessed, but it fits. She is like an aunt to most of the faculty and students.

There are a few other people I want to thank today, but I should close here.

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