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06 April 2006

More Art Happenings in Honolulu...

One of my favorite ceramic artists in Hawaii, Yukio Ozaki, is having a show with the Hawaii Potters' Guild at the Louis Pohl Gallery (4 April-29 April) at 1111 Nuuannu Ave. INFO: 521-1812.

Yukio Ozaki Ceramic Work

This is a piece that he made a few years ago. He and another favorite - Daven Hee - were both in the "From the Hand: Five Hawaii Ceramists" exhibit at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Many of Mr. Ozaki's other works are more playful or wild than this mingei-like work, although I like this one.

A friend of one of my students is also having a show at Daven Hee's gallery, Lodestar Collective (438-A Uluniu St.) in Kailua. INFO: 262-4606.

OK. Time to go back to work before calling it a night.

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