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22 June 2006

Home improvements week continues

Events in Iraq continue to worsen... however closer to home, "Home improvements week" continues. We’ve been talking about selling our house sometime in the future, but the real estate agent who sold us the home encouraged us that summer would be the best time, so we've been busy doing small repairs and cleaning. I hate weeding and am bad at small repairs, but it sometimes feels good to see end product of your work, such as:
Three Bags of Red Mulch

I also am trying to go through all of the papers and books that I've kept stored here. It is hard to weed my personal collection, but space is very limited in Hawaii, so this is a good thing to do.

I am off to the ALA Conference in New Orleans soon. It is surreal to read reports that the National Guard has been called in after the recent murders in the city. I hope an 'invasion' of 20,000 librarians will be better for the economy and less stressful in general. I understand why I imagine that the French Quarter and city will be a shadow of its former glory, but will be hopeful.

ALA is always a bit surreal, but I am excited about several events, such our ALA-SC winning the Student Chapter of the Year Award. Of course, I’m also partial to Library History Round Table programs, including the Research Forum that I am chairing. I am excited and nervous to take over as LHRT Chair after the conference ends.

OK, back to work

Not a lapcat, but a laptop cat

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  • Don't you mean "deselecting"? ;-)

    By Blogger Christian, at Thursday, June 22, 2006 8:48:00 AM  

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