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07 June 2006

Supporting Lt. Watada

I could not sleep well last night. I was so moved by the courage of Lt. Ehren Watada, who will probably be court-martialed for being the first american military officer to refuse to fight this war in Iraq.

Lt. Watada's Parents

I decided to go to a press conference with his parents and supporters at the Hawaii State Capitol. Both (shown above) did a great job of explaining how their son is a normal guy (from a family with many veterans) who enlisted, but later read more and more about this war in Iraq, and decided that it is immoral and illegal.

Watada could have tried to dodge the issue (his term ends in December). Instead he might have to go to prison for several years if the Pentagon presses the case.

I truly really respect his courage, and his parents' courage for making a stand on this. The majority of American citizens (not to mention people everywhere else in the world) are now against the war. We see that it is impossible to win such a war. You can't invade a country, and then occupy it as a "liberator." Democracy cannot be imposed on a country at gunpoint.

More of us also understand how Bush lied about the reasons for going to war, and that there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11 (except now, as we've created a training grounds for fighters). The Iraqis don't want us there (look at any survey). The majority of Americans don't want to be there either, but too few in Congress, the Media, or the Pentagon have had the courage to say let's end this criminal folly. It is so frustrating.

I think that Lt. Watada's case and the news about Haditha is a real tipping point. Normal moral people can no longer remain silent. We should bring our soldiers back, and end this war.

Supporting a Hero

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