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29 September 2006

Anti-war Demonstration this Thursday, 5 October


If you are also against the war in Iraq, I encourage you to consider joining on Thursday (5 Oct 2006) for a Community Rally Against the Bush Regime, which will take place at Thomas Square (Beretania/ King/ Ward/ Victoria Streets; across from Art Academy) from 4 pm to 7 pm. I received an e-mail that they will have

Speakers * Live Music * Poetry * Performances

There will be lots of "feeder marches." I'll probably join the one leaving Manoa's Campus Center at 2:30. Marching is good exercise, after all. Apparently activists will be at the Campus Center Courtyard "to help chalk, drop banners, leaflet and agitate from 9 am." They will also have a march on campus starting at noon.

I'll probably join up at Campus Center at 2:30 for the march to Thomas Square "down University Avenue, and then on King Street to Thomas Square." This is part of a national day of protest. Don't forget, the majority of Americans are with us against this war, including many soldiers and veterans.

If you do go, let's help the keep event peaceful/ nonviolent/ creative/ festive, etc. To be honest, I haven't been to a protest march in Hawaii before, but I've seen other demonstrations elsewhere easily become a bit overexcited. Sometimes one person or group wants to break a window or spraypaint. I understand the tension, but that kind of destruction really hurts our cause and alienates people from our message. Thanks.

Info: World Can't Wait Hawaii or call 808/ 534. 2255.


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