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29 September 2006

Hawaii Votes Against the Military Commissions Act

My/ Our government is...

I just spent an hour checking up on the votes of Hawaii's US Senators and Representatives. I am very proud that they ALL voted along with the majority of Democrats in opposition to the White House's Military Commissions Act of 2006.
I especially applaud Rep. Neil Abercrombie for issuing a press release on why he voted NAY! It is very unfortunate that this became law. I agree with a recent Amnesty International Statement that:

By passing the Military Commissions Act, the United States Congress has, in effect, given its stamp of approval to human rights violations committed by the USA in the "war on terror". This legislation leaves the USA squarely on the wrong side of international law, and has turned bad executive policy into bad domestic law.

This kind of news should remind us again about the importance of voting. It is a very sad day for this country and the world. On the other hand, this makes me very proud to be a voter in Hawaii.

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