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11 October 2006

Next Semester

This time of year always feels a bit crazy between lecture/ service/ correcting papers/ research, and all.

I sometimes have a hard time jumping gears, but it is already time to plan next semester since students have to select their spring classes soon. I just revised the syllabus for LIS 652, and uploaded a new class homepage. Students interested in archive work, should check out the updated Archival Studies homepage.

I am working on my 615 HITS class, but can't post it until I get the schedule finalized from HITS. I added a note about the textbooks though to that class homepage.

I've been getting many requests for recommendation letters recently. Please check out my page about Requesting a Recommendation Letter. I've already received three requests for references for the Beta Phi Mu Scholarship, and won't be writing any other letters for this year's applicants. I'm afraid Xi Chapter is only giving one award.

Hang in there everybody.

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  • Hey Andrew,
    I recently read Honor Killing and thought it would make a great book to use in conjunction with the Archives class. There are notes in the back explaining where he got the information chapter by chapter. You might even consider having David Stannard as a guest speaker in one of the classes to help impress on the students the importance of archives in telling a better (fuller) story when the environment allows for it....

    On a personal note, I was fascinated by the story and felt it helped me understand Hawaii much better than any other book I've read. I also followed up by reading Cobey Black's "Hawaii Scandal", because I wanted more than one viewpoint. On reflection, I would have read that first, then Stannard's book, which I believe provides a fuller perspective.

    Just my two-cents (when did I ever hold back?)


    By Blogger Lillian, at Wednesday, October 11, 2006 6:02:00 PM  

  • I think it is wonderful that the LIS program will be offering an Archives course for 2 semesters. It is a wonderful opportunity for any aspiring archivist (at UH) or anyone who has a curiosity for archival work. The 3-week summer Archives course I took with you was a crash course indeed, so I can imagine taking this course during the regular semester will be much more beneficial for our future archivists!

    The new reading list is really interesting! (I might pick some of those titles up! :-)) I especially like how you have emphasized Research and Service in your 652 syllabus because I now understand how those two components are very important to working towards a competitive archives career (esp. in Hawaii... and just as much, if not more, in Boston!) I am still certainly working on mine...

    I hope someone will finally be able get the SAA student chapter idea off the ground. But, I can understand that everyone is so busy... Hang in there! :-)

    By Blogger Marie, at Thursday, October 12, 2006 10:49:00 AM  

  • Thanks Lillian. I also liked Stannard and went to hear him at a book signing (see PreBlog. I was thinking of using a book like his in 653. I think that would be the place to explore users and historiography in more detail. Thanks.

    Thanks also Marie for your encouraging comments.

    I was happy to be able to offer 652 that summer, but was a bit overwhelmed by the 3-week nature and size of the class, which included some folks who did not want to work in an archive. This time should be much better, and we are also capping the course at 25.

    Thanks again both you!!

    By Blogger Dr. Drew, at Friday, October 13, 2006 3:45:00 PM  

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