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09 December 2006

Congratulations to the Class of 2006!

Congratulations Graduates!

Yesterday was the HUI DUI Graduation Dinner. The students themselves organize this lovely event. It was both quite elegant and informal -- which was ideally -- especially as there were so many friends and family members present.

You can see all of the photos I uploaded to my Flickr site -- or as a slideshow. I have another 40 more that are OK if you want something I didn't upload.

I regret that I won't be able to attend commencement later this month. Naomi kindly agreed to coordinate this year's graduation portrait. (Thank you!)

I really enjoyed celebrating the graduation of these students. It is nice to know that they will make really fine librarians. I'm sure they will make us very proud. There were some very intelligent, caring, creative future professionals in this group. It was fun to see themselves enjoying the evening.

Well, I probably should finish grading so that these students can really graduate.

Happy Holidays and Congratulations again to the UHM MLISc Class of 2006!

PS Thank you also to HUI DUI for the kind present. Trust me, I will put the thermos to good use.

PSS Thanks Margot and Jennifer for the offer and ride to Manoa. It was not a good day on the Bus.

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