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26 January 2007

Falafel, Shawarma + Hummus @ Kailua

I'm not a great cook, but I love food, including falafel, shawarma, and hummus, so I might be crossing the Pali to check out this new place once it opens in February. I know there are many foodies out here, so I thought I'd pass this e-mail along:

Former University of Hawaii Hebrew Teacher Opens Health-Focused Mediterranean Restaurant

Kailua, HI—February 1, 2007—In a move that will bring the flavor of the Mediterranean to Kailua, Iris Yoeli, former University of Hawaii teacher of the Hebrew language, has opened a new health-savvy restaurant: Paprika, An Inspired Mediterranean Cuisine [35 Kainehe St., Kailua; TEL: 262-3777; HOURS: Daily: 11AM-10PM].

Mediterranean Food—From the Mediterranean
Both Yoeli and her chef, Chef Isaac Leib are from Israel, the cradle of Mediterranean cuisine. Leib is a graduate of Tadmor, the most celebrated culinary school in Israel. "I grew up with the taste of the pita on my lips," says Yoeli. The restaurant bakes its own pita bread on its premises. Some of their featured dishes are:

  • A Falafel made from a recipe handed down from generation to generation.
  • Shawarma, made with grilled chicken and 13 different spices,
    collected from the furthest deserts of Arabia to the remotest villages
    of India.
  • A daily soup served with pita chips and sprinkled with homemade seasoning.

Keiki Friendly Dining
The Keiki Delight Menu includes Noah's Ark, Pizza, Schnitzel and
Kebabs, straight from Grandma's kitchen. Auntie's chocolate cake is
made with genuine Israeli chocolate, brought directly from the Holy Land

Mission: Rich in Flavor, Rich in Health Benefits
"Most people love Mediterranean cuisine for its rich flavor," says Yoeli, "but it can be very healthy as well." An American hamburger may have lettuce and tomato. But an authentic Mediterranean pita will contain a succulent blend of five or six different vegetables. Add to that a variety of spices, a hearty helping of lamb and no grease.
Belly Dancing? March 3, 2007!
Paprika-Inspired Mediterranean Cuisine will be holding its Official Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday March 3, 2007. There will be live music and a belly dancer. "Please come and enjoy the festivities," says a very lively Yoeli, "We are going to have fun!" Lovers of Mediterranean food, health food or simply flavorful cuisine are encouraged to visit the restaurant before March 3. The restaurant opens on February 1, 2007.

I'm not so sure about needing belly dancing while I eat, but that seems popular here... Kailua is a fun town to visit, although I am sad that the Lodestar Collective has since closed down.

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