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22 January 2007

Responses to An Open Letter to Hawaii Mission Children's Society Board

I was surprised by the immediate reaction to my open letter, which I posted here (only). The next day I was called by a Honolulu Advertiser reporter, who wrote up a story partly based on my letter. You can Rodd Ohira's article online.

Upon returning from the ALA and ALISE conferences in Seattle, I found a letter from Mission Houses Museum Trustee Robert L. Becker. He asked me to post his letter promptly on my blog. I have done so below:

Requested to Post 1

Requested to Post 2

To be honest, I am quite disappointed that that Mr. Becker sees no prospect for reconciliation after she gave over 15 years of service and leadership to HMCS, but I do not see what else I can do at the moment. This case might make an interesting case study for an article in non-profit administration.

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