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12 February 2007

UH History Forum: "The Dilemmas of French Jewish Identity, 1789-2007"

J'accuse at 100

This program looks interesting if you are in Honolulu:

I'm afraid that Prof. David Bell just wrote to say that he must postpone his visit to Honolulu. Thus, there obviously will be no talk.

Prof. David A. Bell of Johns Hopkins University will discuss "The Dilemmas of French Jewish Identity, 1789-2007" next Wednesday, February 21st, from 12:30 until 1:45 in Sakamaki Hall A201, the History Department Library at U H Manoa. The talk is free and open to the public. Please join us for this special History Forum co-sponsored by the U H Fund for the Promotion of Jewish Life and Studies.

Dr. Bell is Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at The Johns Hopkins University and a well-respected expert in French history. His most recent publication is "The First Total War: Napoleon's Europe and the Birth of Warfare as We Know It" and he has published extensively on questions of French nationalism and politics, as well as the history of Jews in France since 1789.

The talk will consider the ironies of the "Republican model," ironies which are most apparent in the paradox that the same country which was the earliest, and went the furthest to achieve Jewish civic emancipation, has also been one of the most anti-semitic. The talk will cover the period from the Revolution and Napoleon up to the current situation.

Please join us. Prof. Peter H. Hoffenberg, Department of History

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