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30 November 2005


I was up late last night correcting papers, and also dealing with an unhappy student. I really try to be a good teacher and researcher, so it is always disappointing when someone interprets your work so differently from how you envisioned it. Sigh. You can never make everyone happy as a teacher.

It has been a long day. Because of this tension I woke up even before the alarm (never a good thing in my book). It was probably not the best thing to start the day with a long dental appointment, but I feel much better -- even though I was in her office for almost three hours. We fixed something my orthodontist did poorly a few decades ago.

My next appointment was with Carol Abe at the UH Press. I listened as she discussed publicity for Noriko's first book, Teaching Mikadoism: The Attack on Japanese Language Schools in Hawaii, California, and Washington, 1919-1927.

The excitement of seeing your first book in print is truly priceless. Others have no idea how much work goes into something like that. I am looking forward to reading the reviews. Noriko will do a talk next summer at the JCCH.

I had another "waiting experience" next, Noriko, who likes my hair long and curly, finally agreed it was time for a trim. She even gave me a gift certificate to her stylist. We waited for 30 minutes at her place until we found out that the receptionist did not inform the stylist that we were waiting for her. I now have an appointment on Friday as I could not wait any longer (campus meetings do not wait). She apologized, handing me a shampoo bottle (with burdock [That's gobo isn't it!!]) saying, "here -- take this -- you need it... then adding "everyone needs shampoo." So it must have been a bad hair day too.

Later, I sat in on an ALA-SC meeting today too. I am so proud of them, and was happy to see new folks there too. Getting involved in such professional associations is really valuable. I can see many of these students truly as future library leaders. I hope they also see this too.

Time to get back to grading. The end of the semester is coming folks. Hang in there.

PS I should recognize some nice gifts that helped this week (tasty karage and choco-chip cookies from Noriko tonight, and a cool signed poetry chapbook and CD from Dawn). I can't wait to read/ listen after I am done grading.... Everyone needs a break from LIS literature from time and time. I doubt the cookies will last that long though.

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