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09 December 2005

Hui Dui LIS Student Graduation Dinner

I just uploaded the photos Noriko and I took from tonight's very warm Hui Dui LIS Student Graduation Dinner to my Kodak.com site. You can view them as a slideshow or whatever. You don't need to register or buy anything.

You all made us very proud.


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  • Tisha and Lori both added some great photos on their
    Flickr site (UHM LIS pool). Perhaps I should move from Kodak.com to Flickr. It is fun to see the comments and editing of photos.

    I look forward to sharing more photos.

    I regret that my memory stick was full. Do I need more than 614 MB for my Cannon (in addition to always bringing extra batteries). Ah, the cost of technology.

    I am still sad to see so many good grads go, although I am happy for the future of librarianship.

    By Blogger Dr. Drew, at Saturday, December 10, 2005 7:41:00 PM  

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