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14 December 2005

Still correcting... and fruits of political work

The fall 2005 correcting-fest continued today. I stayed at home except for a brief visit to the Kuhio Federal Bldg. when I gave letters in support of the McCain anti-Torture Amendment. It was my first time to visit this sprawling federal bldg on the oceanfront near Restaurant Row. It has an interesting courtyard, but has only one entrance (which, of course, was the opposite end from where I had parked). I left letters with each of Hawaii's US senators and representatives. Later that night, I heard that the House passed the non-binding resolution 308 to 122, including both of Hawaii's Representatives. My letters were received well after the vote, but I felt like a good citizen.

It has been quite a while since I could celebrate something like this in the news. The BBC called it something like a stunning rebuke of the Bush administration's human rights policy, especially as it was a bipartisan vote. Check out the Reuters story. I still can't believe how anyone can try to rationalize torture in the 21st century!

Paper correcting is going well. There were some excellent papers in this pile. I always feel good to see students' achievements. I know that they put a lot of work into them.

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