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08 February 2006

Student Writing and Grading

I spent most of the day finishing grading papers. Both of my classes are full, so grading the way I do takes so much time. I am not sure how much some students appreciate all of the ink, but I feel that this is my job to help shape their writing. Since our class is so large, this is my one way of talking with them one-on-one. I think I see a difference in student's writing over time. I think that I am on the right track, since student writing was a big point in the practitioner's comments about LIS students at Gorman's Forum at ALA Midwinter.

In class today I thought we had some good discussion of key issues of collection management, but realize that I get wrapped up in some aspects. Teaching is an art, and it is hard to plan out 3-hours of lecture and discussion that is fresh. Lillian and Christian mentioned after class today though that I had confused one the future assigned readings with the other class. Ooops. Sometimes I forget that I deal with copyright/ intellectual property in both 610 and 615. I love teaching these classes, but it sometimes is hard for me to not blur content, as there is such overlap. Oh well. I will send out a clarification e-mail.

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