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26 August 2006

First Week Finished/ ARTafterDARK

The first week of classes is over. It should be a good semester.

I always go a bit crazy when Noriko leaves, but am keeping busy with class prep and my research on the history of the Graduate School of Library Studies at the University of Hawaii. Please let me know if you ever find any sources or hear any good stories. I'd eventually like to launch a website with artifacts or photos from the past. I'm also presenting on this at the ALISE conference, and working on article about this (or a few, as there are several interesting dimensions). It combines many of my interests -- history of libraries, LIS education, ethnic history, higher education, Hawai'i, Cold War, East-West relations, etc.

After doing some research and attending a PhD Dissertation defense today, I biked to the Honolulu Academy of Arts to participate in ARTafterDARK. It is supposed to be for folks under 40, so I only have a few more years of approved attendance left. I think more than half of the attendees are beyond too, but I agree that it's important to present art as hip and fun. It is, but I rarely see this age group in museums or many cultural institutions. The Honolulu Symphony is trying to appeal to young and others too, but their campaign is just so tacky and unsophisticated that I cringe whenever I see it.

I enjoyed the exhibits and the building's architecture. I was surprised that I "found" another wing that was new to me. I did not realize that there is a big collection of art related to Hawaii above the movie theater. It was an impressive collection. The landscapes were amazing. The tattoo prints were most popular though.

Dancing in the Museum's Courtyard

Grooving to the music of the Universoul BeaT OrchestrA and watching some dancers was great fun too. I also felt so alive just biking around. I just wish drivers would spend more time looking at the road and less time on their cell phone.

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