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16 September 2006

Calling Socially Responsible Librarians in Hawaii!

I just read that Jessamyn Charity West will be a speaker at this year's Hawaii Library Association conference in Waikiki. She was one of the co-editors of Revolting Librarians Redux (McFarland). It is an interesting revisit of the classic Revolting Librarians, which is now online.

I think it might be a good time to start a Hawai'i chapter of the Social Responsibilities Round Table. Anyone interested in helping to get one off the ground? We could start by passing around a sign-up sheet of people interested, and also find out what is involved in terms of paperwork next. Perhaps we could have a program in 2008. There are a lot of progressive issues we could tackle. For example, I'd love to see something on libraries and the alternative press in Hawaii. Green libraries would be another great topic since so many of our libraries will need to be remodeled.

I wonder if there used to be a state chapter of SRRT. I believe that ALA-SRRT took a leadership role in the B&T fiasco--unlike HLA. Of course, that is before I came here, so I imagine there is more to the story.

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