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09 September 2006

Waikiki Social and Absentee Ballot

I've been plugging away on articles, and haven't had much to blog about recently. I sometimes make few comments on Flickr.

Yesterday, I went to a Special Libraries Association state chapter social in Waikiki. The chapter is always doing a good job of trying to reach out to our LIS students. I was pleased that so many SLA members and students came. Most of the state SLA members are our alumni, so I learned some interesting things for my research on the history of the school. It was also just a pleasant relaxed time since everyone was so nice. I might add that the view (and sound) of the ocean was amazing.

The Hawaii State Capitol

Today's big thrill was completing my absentee ballot. I decided that I wanted to do it this way, so that I could research the candidates more thoroughly. Sometimes there are some elections, like the Board of Education, that get less attention. These are important choices though, so I took time to look up information. This week's Honolulu Weekly also had an OK voter's guide. I am especially interested in the BOE election since the Board has so much impact over Hawaii's state system of schools and libraries. I wish HLA or another group would chart board members' votes on issues, such as library funding, library salaries, censorship, and educational issues.

Have a good weekend!

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