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08 May 2007

Italian Journalist Carlo Bonini on Junk Intel

White House (1983)

In wartime your enemy is the lies, is the propaganda. No matter if it's the propaganda of your enemies, or if it's the propaganda of your government."--Carlo Bonini on Moyer's Journal

PBS's Moyer's Journal has another fascinating report this week. Moyers interviewed Italian journalist Carlo Bonini, who co-authored the book COLLUSION: INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE AND THE WAR ON TERROR. Bonini tells the story of the "junk intelligence" that was the basis of Bush's accusation that Iraq had nuclear material. I can't encourage you enough to check out this brief clip. It is chilling to reflect on the cost of this fabricated rational for the war. If you want more, check out his BUYING THE WAR documentary. This is the kind of investigative journalism we really need. I just did a keyword search of the Honolulu Advertiser online (keywords=Carlo+Bonini), and the only result was an AP sory about Moyer's show. The Star-Bulletin did not have any story using the same search. Sigh.

I hope some of our libraries will get this book as it seems like an important summer read.

For those of you who've been waiting for news on Lt. Watada's 2nd Trial, the Court Martial is supposed to begin on the week of 16 July. Senator Akaka had some kind words to say about Ehren recently on Democracy Now.

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