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17 February 2006

I have an interview for another position...

I should pass on the news that I've applied for a teaching position at another university, much closer to Noriko. One of my reasons for coming to the University of Hawaii was that I hoped we could also recruit my wife to the faculty. Her research on Japanese language and Japanese American history would be an ideal contribution here. UH Press even published her book, which partly deals with how the Territory of Hawaii suppressed Japanese language schools around World War I. Alas, UH does not have a spousal hire program, and there has not been an appropriate opening in the last three years. ICS Department Chair Crosby, LIS Program Chair Knuth and Vice Chancellor Smatresk have all made a renewed effort to place her, but there has been no news on that front.

Since coming to Hawaii, I've been encouraged to apply for several positions, but did not (except for this position -- and one other position at a Japanese university that Noriko also applied for) because I really love teaching here (students, colleagues, staff, alumni) as well as living in Manoa.

I was just invited for a campus visit early next month at this other research university. Their teaching position is ideal for me in terms of research and teaching areas. I also already know and respect many of the professors there, so it would be a natural position for me. This school has great colleagues on campus, amazing used bookstores, libraries, cafes, and even a small music scene in town. I've heard great things about the students as well. And yes, it is a manageable trip to see Noriko some weekends.

Nothing is a done deal. I assume they will have several candidates, and, if offered, we would have several points to negotiate. I thought that I should mention this to my students since a few of you might want to make extra efforts to finish incompletes and other projects in case I do leave.

In other news, I was pleased to hear that my panel (with Noriko and Shinshu University Professor Wada) was accepted at the SHARP 2006 conference, which will take place this summer at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) in The Hague. It will be Noriko’s first trip to Europe, and my first time in over a decade. I’m excited about the trip and interdisciplinary conference (including keynote speakers Robert Darnton and Peter Kornicki).

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