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25 April 2006

Listening to "Fired! - Tales of Jobs Gone Bad"

If you have a good internet connection at home and time (like while folding laundry), download the BBC World Drama: Worldplay: Fired edited by Annabelle Gurwitch. I don't usually enjoy stand-up comedy, but this urban monologue is worth the price (free).

This weekend I volunteered a few hours for Hawaii Literacy at the Hawaii Book and Music Festival. I watched over the HL bookbmobile (seen below), enjoyed a little bookbuying (including a signed copy of Woman Warrior), browsing -- and even a Gordon Biersch lunch.

Helping Hawaii Literacy (2)

The weather on Saturday morning was just perfect, so I treasured a pleasant bike ride. I haven't biked downtown in far too long. I felt so alive, stopping only to take photographs. (The rain on the way home wasn't quite as ideal, but the return trip was OK thanks to the bus bike rack).

I can't believe the semester (and academic year!) is almost over. I am being buried alive in student papers, but that is fair since I assigned them...

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