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29 April 2006

Super Grading Weekend

This weekend I am busy reading my students' papers...

Grading Papers

I just finished reading the philosophical position papers for my introductory course. I was truly impressed by a few. Many were so well persuasively written, well organized, and researched that they were a pleasure to read. This is not always the case.

I took a break to do a few errands (haircut and auto inspection), but have been plowing through papers otherwise. I am now working on the Collection Management Project papers (seen above).

Before closing, I want to mention great news I heard from two students. Caitlin just had an article accepted for publication in an LIS journal. She started the paper in my Library History course, so I'm doubly proud. Marie also e-mailed the very good news that she received a highly competitive IMLS scholarship to attend the ACRL/ RBMS Conference on Libraries, Archives, & Museums. Great job you two!

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