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03 February 2006

First Friday Art Gallery Walk

Friday was the first Friday of the month, which means all of the galleries in Honolulu's Chinatown stay open at least until 9 PM for gallery walks.

I did several errands during the day, but ended up there by evening. I started out with a late lunch in Chinatown (spicy lo mien beef, which was not really spicy), and then went to the new cafe rRed Elephant. My goal was to finish correcting papers there, but that did not happen. (Reminder to self: I noticed that there is another new cafe across the street). I enjoyed visiting most all of the galleries. I am afraid that I was not really moved by much art this time, but, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and peoplewatching. I bought a pair of artistic cufflinks for $5, but that was my only purchase besides parking and tea/ food (which is good).

I also made it to the Hawaii State Art Museum , but did not realize that their live music was only from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. As usual, I arrived after that. A few months ago I caught the final aria of an opera performance. Timing seems to be everything.

I enjoyed talking with a few people on my night out. Three of my former students were enjoying themselves. I met a few people, and promoted the new jazz club in town. The one group of new people that I talked with the longest time happened to be the roommate of one of my students. Hawaii really is a small world! We discussed places to eat -- a very important topic.

First Friday in Honolulu (Jazz on Nuuanu Street)

Besides schmoozing and peoplewatching, the other big thrill was hearing some live music. The best gig was on the bed of a pickup truck parked near Mark's Garage. The group was quite good, alternating between jazz and blues.

I later caught a few quick shows at a local dive near the Art Museum appropriately called Detox. The bar has two floors, offering alternating performances on either floor (all for one $5 cover). The first group was a sort of punk gyrls band, which had a surprisingly nice sound. The other performance was by Matt Kubo "sound sculptor." He made some very interesting soundscapes using scupltures and wine glasses attached to an amp. It reminded me of John Cage or Penderecki. I used to be able to listen to those when I was an undergraduate. Some of the fans were interesting to watch as they were so entranced by his genius. There also was some very funny performance art (aka dancing) going on. I was sure to leave before the metal concert began (not my scene).

PS I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw the new Woody Allen movie Match Point. It was classic Allen in terms of script. I was left melancholy, but was happy to catch it. There were only about 6 of us all told in one of those huge Ward Theatre rooms watching the 10:15 PM showing, which is always surreal.

31 January 2006

Information Ethics & The State of the Union

I just saw that Dr. Martha Smith (Drexel) posted a blog related to the ALISE Information Ethics SIG. Very interesting start.

Today Bush gave his State of the Union Address. What can one say? ("Clean safe Nook-leeyear energy"!?!). Amnesty International then had a good page about what was not mentioned (his administration's torture policies). Check out their Call for Action page.

I then checked out VA Gov Tim Kaine's Democratic Party Response. He made a few good points, but was so timid. And I don't think I can take one more of his "There is another way" lines.

No other news to report. I am happy that the last few days of rain have passed. Rain makes the bike trek between home and campus a real mess. That's it... back to work.