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11 August 2006

Happy B-Day PC

The BBC had a brief photo gallery to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the PC. I remember my family's first computer. It was an Atari. We later "upgraded" with a tape drive memory. My more well-off and high-tech friends had commodore vic 20s. It is amazing how small our networks were compared to the net today. Just think about how much has changed in these years?

10 August 2006


Hiroshima Dome

In Memory of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It was a moving experience to visit Hiroshima's Peace Park last summer. Thinking about war in general, especially nuclear war, always amazes me. It is incredible how technologically advanced we can be, while being so backwards at the same time.

06 August 2006

Today's Bento Box


Yes, the new school year is almost upon us. Need a laugh?
Check out today's Bento Box by Deb Aoki.