Dr. Drew's Infrequent Blog

11 October 2006

Next Semester

This time of year always feels a bit crazy between lecture/ service/ correcting papers/ research, and all.

I sometimes have a hard time jumping gears, but it is already time to plan next semester since students have to select their spring classes soon. I just revised the syllabus for LIS 652, and uploaded a new class homepage. Students interested in archive work, should check out the updated Archival Studies homepage.

I am working on my 615 HITS class, but can't post it until I get the schedule finalized from HITS. I added a note about the textbooks though to that class homepage.

I've been getting many requests for recommendation letters recently. Please check out my page about Requesting a Recommendation Letter. I've already received three requests for references for the Beta Phi Mu Scholarship, and won't be writing any other letters for this year's applicants. I'm afraid Xi Chapter is only giving one award.

Hang in there everybody.

08 October 2006

Brenda Kwon

First Friday was a fun way to escape the heat. You can read my comments on the Flickr photo site if you are so inclined. Today I am continuing writing on my article and making syllabi for the spring. It is exciting to be able to plan two semester of archival classes. That really is required to prepare students to become future archivists.

Excellent Slam Poetry

My fun escape will be to hear Honolulu Community College professor Brenda Kwon (shown above) do a poetry reading at Revolution Books (2626 S King St). I haven't been up there in quite a while. She has a great poetry voice and vocabulary. It is at 3:00 if you are reading this on 8 October and have nothing to do.