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12 June 2007

Most Honorable Son: 17 Sept 2007

Some of you might recall that I was interviewed for a documentary on Japanese American history, which will show on PBS this year.

Being interviewed

I just heard from its producer, Bill Kubota that Most Honorable Son will run on PBS on 17 September at 10 pm (just a few days before the Ken Burns' special series on World War II). Mr. Kubota was kind enough to add that part of my interview will be included... so stay tuned. It is the interesting story of Nebraska Nisei Ben Kuroki. It is an honor to be interviewed in the same film with Gary Okihiro and other Nikkei historians.

A few years ago I had some e-mail and phone discussion with another documentary producer about exploring the possibility of a film on the history of libraries, but this has been my first time to be a historical advisor. It really has been an interesting experience to learn how documentaries come to reality.

11 June 2007

Does anyone know someone who might know about Lofts?

Chinatown at Night

Does anyone know someone who might know something about lofts in Honolulu? We started looking at a few condos here, and have not been terribly impresssed. They are so expensive, and many come with amenities we don't need, like a swimming pool and bowling alley. That means you have to spend a lot on monthly charges beyond paying off the mortgage. Many of these units are chopped into small rooms too.

I read that lofts are legal in the Chinatown area, but I've never seen one for sale. Please let me know if you know of someone who might be able to make some suggestions on how to make this happen. Mahalo.