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06 May 2006

Congratulations Graduates

We had the Hui Dui graduating student dinner Friday night. It was a very nice evening. It was fun to dress up (Hawaii style) to honor our fantastic students who will graduate next week or in August. Dr. Knuth and the Hui Dui team did a great job!

Spring & Summer 2006 MLISc Graduates

I uploaded 76 photos to my Flickr site. Marta kindly helped take photos of student speeches while I was on stage. I don't Photoshop pictures, but tried to remove red-eye. I also cropped several that had half of a person or something distracting. I should have brought my laptop -- or bought a 1GB card -- so I could have taken more... Although, perhaps enough is enough.

I was touched that the ALA students gave me a beautiful lei.

I always feel happy and proud to see so many good students graduate, although it is sad to let see them leave too. Sniff. It was good to see quite a few alumni too.

01 May 2006

Network Neutrality

No time to blog... still grading before the end of class, but I wanted to pass on an article by Wallace Koehler on Network Neutrality. I can't underscore how important this is. You can find out more at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Loriene Roy Elected! Yes!

University of Texas at Austin LIS Professor Loriene Roy was just elected as ALA President. According to the ALA Press release, "Roy was elected with 8,898 votes. Crowe received 4,702 votes." Yahoo! That same release, I should add, mentions ALA has over 66,000 members. To me, that shows the importance of each vote. I am grateful to Hawai'i friends who supported her election.

As you might recall, Dr. Roy kicked off her campaign in Hawai'i. I hope we can have her as a guest speaker at HLA or in the LIS Program. Check out comments from her last HLA talk.

Loriene Roy for ALA President!