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22 November 2006

Interesting Links

ホノルル  の 鳥居

My e-mailbox is overflowing with interesting links. I thought I should share a few recent ones:

The Library Company of Philadelphia has an oline exhibit "Benjamin Franklin Writer & Printer" as part of the library's 275th anniversary celebration. Thanks to Library Historian Larry T. Nix.

A local artist named Jacqueline Lee sent me a link to her page about making art with books.

Archival Scholar Richard Cox has his own Blog called Reading Archives. (Thanks to Jim Cartwright for forwarding it).

Professor Toni SAMEK is editing a new activist online journal INFORMATION FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.

ALA President Elect Loriene Roy is interested in celebrating library history during her forthcoming presidential year. Send announcements at the Calendar link at her Presidential homepage.

What Is Needed to Educate Future Digital Librarians in DLIB (thanks Christian and Sunny).

Maybe I should consider using http://del.icio.us/ ("social bookmarking") (or not)

19 November 2006

Lt. Ehren Watada Update

Antiwar/ Watada Teach-in

After a marathon grading session today I went to a JACL program on Lt. Ehren Watada. It was one of the most informative yet. The three main speakers were Ehren's lawyer Eric Seitz, Ehren's father, Bob Watada, and UHM Law Professor Jon Van Dyke. The newest update is that the trial will be on January 4th. I hope you'll contact your legislators and talk with your friends about Ehren's principled stand. The elections were an important statement against the war, but that hasn't ended the Pentagon's campaign against Ehren.